Jobs for Social Networking Addicts


When I began my agency career seven years ago, I hadn’t yet heard of a Social Media Strategist.  Come to think of it, I don’t recall seeing the title until maybe two years ago.  Today, agencies and corporations have created a bull market for the digitally savvy.   

Individuals addicted to social media are the best candidates for careers in online networking.  College students should hone their skills in social media–going beyond routine texting and Facebook.  Those with a true passion for everything digital emerge as top candidates for excellent, fun social media jobs. 

CareerBuilder blogger Rachel Zupek cites the following five prospective jobs for social media gurus:

1.  Recruiter
2.  Strategist
3.  Enterprise architect
4.  User operations analyst
5.  Director of social media

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    Social networking sites are a fabulous part of modern life. They allows us to reconnect with former friends, stay in touch with current friends while traveling or working overseas and can even help us find the dream job or partner.

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