Remain Positive After Job Retraction

Q.  After reading your answer to the “Dealing with Disappointing Job News” question, I decided to ask my own version of that question.  After receiving an offer letter from one agency, I accepted it immediately.  The offer letter had every bit of information I needed to know: the dress code, start date and time, where/how to park, etc.  Everything was set for my summer internship, but exactly one week before my start date, I got a disappointing call from the agency, informing me that my offer was rescinded due to company budgets.  I was very disappointed, and did my best to sound polite and positive on the phone, but I have not talked with the company or internship recruiter since the phone call.  Should I send them a “thank you for the offer” note?  Should I contact them in any way, especially since I am graduating in December?  -GB

A.  Fluctuating workloads are common in agencies today.  As agencies attempt to meet stricter utilization and billability goals, staffing decisions are made closer to need than ever before.  Unfortunately, you were caught in the middle of this staffing mishap.  You did the right thing by staying positive and understanding during the difficult call.  Yes, you also should send a thank-you note to the hiring manager and HR recruiter–noting your understanding of the situation and expressing interest in joining the agency in the future when other opportunities arise. 

As graduation nears, you should re-contact the agency and subtly remind them that you had been hired this summer, and disappointed that you were not able to work with them due to last-minute client budget cuts.  The fact you had been selected for this internship and good old-fashioned guilt should position you well for the next opening at the agency.

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