Job Prospects: Liberal Arts vs. PR Degree

Q.  I’m attending a liberal arts college that doesn’t offer a PR curriculum, but I want to pursue a career in PR.  One of your earlier posts seemed to indicate that communication degrees aren’t required to land a job in public relations.  Did I make a mistake in my college choice or can I still land a PR job when I graduate in two years?  -HG

A.  When I started out in PR, many bosses sought out liberal arts majors since they felt they were good thinkers, who could be taught what the organization needed them to do.  But that was before the significant advancements in college PR education that have occurred over the past 15 years.  Students coming out of accredited PR programs have a definite advantage due to their PR-specific training and and hands-on experiences.  However, you can enhance your competitive chances significantly by building a resume that includes PR volunteer experiences with campus organizations, relevant internships and attendance at PR seminars or conferences. 

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