Job Success: Read and Listen


I reluctantly admit that I watch too much reality TV.  Sadly, one of these shows — “True Beauty”— featured a discussion in last week’s episode where the contestants couldn’t recall when they last read a book.  None of these people would get hired by Linda Heasley, president and CEO of The Limited.

In today’s New York Times, Heasley says she asks job applicants what books they are reading.  Other qualities she screens for:  passion, curiosity, energy level, sense of humor and willing to take a risk. 

Her advice to new hires: “Take 90 days. The relationships you build in your first few months here are critical to your success. Try not to talk in meetings. I know you’re going to want to demonstrate that you’re really capable and you deserve to be here by showing your smarts.  But if you listen and let the void fill with what’s around you, you’ll learn a ton.  It’s really important to take the 90 days and watch and listen, and it’s really hard to do that, because people want to perform out of the gate.”

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