Switching Jobs: Avoid Job Hopping Label

Q.  I graduated a year ago, and luckily got an internship with a major agency.  When the internship was over, there were no full-time jobs so I interviewed elsewhere and landed a job at another agency.  Now, six months later, I have been offered a job at the first agency.  I like my current job, but the new one would allow me to specialize in the area of PR that I’ve always wanted to pursue for my career rather than be a generalist.  Is it too soon to move?

A.  Normally, I’d recommend staying with a job for a minimum of a year before making a move since you don’t want your resume to suggest that you’re a job hopper.  However, your desire to specialize in a particular PR niche can help explain your decision to a prospective future employer.  In addition, you’re returning to a known entity–the agency where you interned.  If the job was with another agency, I would have held with my initial one-year rule.  But you got to know the firm during your internship, so the risk of moving into an unknown situation is lessened significantly.  You definitely will want to stay put at the new agency for a couple of years or longer; otherwise, you’re resume will carry a red flag suggesting restlessness and loyalty issues.

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