Glimmers of Hope for Job Seekers

Like Spring flowers, signs of a turnaround in the job market are sprouting up everywhere. 

Two friends recently announced their retirements, causing me to reiterate my belief that the next 18 months will see increasing job opportunities as Boomers retire and postings expand at most agencies.  Meanwhile, at the other end of the career/age spectrum, a confident young colleague submitted his resignation last week in order to pursue his dream to work in New York.  These moves suggest growing confidence in the economy and job market, despite the 9.7% national unemployment rate.  Many economists feel optimism will help fuel the turnaround.  If so, call me an optimist.

The Search column in Sunday’s New York Times proclaims: “Rays of Hope for Job Hunters.”  The column cites a 19% increase in job postings in March with increases coming in 10 of 12 industry categories.  Only healthcare declined, but it was the best performer during the recession. CEO Paul Forster says, “The opportunities are growing fast.”  The increases are encouraging even though he acknowledges they are coming from a low base.  Industries showing the biggest increases in March new job postings were retail (up 42%), hospitality (up 33%), and media and newspapers (up 30%).  

These are the first real signs of hope for many job seekers, who simply need to keep the faith and not become complacent or slack off on their search efforts. 

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