Free Webinar: Landing a Job After School

A free one-hour webinar on Wednesday, April 21 will address questions on the minds of students finishing college soon.  Sponsored by the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations, the webinar features four PR executives and a PR recruiter who will discuss the following topics:

  • “Types” of positions out there
  • Where the jobs are or will be in the future
  • What professionals are looking for
  • Average salary ranges 

Rick White, VP of corporate communications for Wisconsin Energy Corporation, will moderate the webinar featuring Mark Harris, VP of communications, IBM Global Business Services; Lisa K. Hart, program leader, communication leadership development at GE; Jessamyn Katz, director at recruiting firm Heyman Associates, and Rick Looser, COO, Cirlot Agency.  The two Ricks are fellow members with me on the Plank Center board.   

I asked Plank Center’s executive director Karla Gower, Ph.D., about the webinar.  She said, “Students can be very pragmatic when it comes to advice about the job search.  They want to know what employers are looking for and how much they can expect to be paid.  So the Plank Center decided to host a webinar that tackles those kinds of questions.”

To join the meeting at noon CT on Wednesday, April 21, you need to both dial in and log on using Internet Explorer or Safari via this link. 

4 thoughts on “Free Webinar: Landing a Job After School

  1. This sounds like an excellent Webinar, and I am hoping to tune in however I have class at this this time. Will there be an archived copy anywhere on the web afterwards?

  2. I thought you might be interested to post future webinars on my website for free (or upgrade for a fee for more visibility). We are even running a promotion now to upgrade your first webinar to a Featured Webinar.

    -Rachel Levy-

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