Dress for Successful Interview – Women


Q.  Guys have it easy when it comes to job interview wardrobe decisions.  As a woman, I will spend hours trying to figure out what to wear to my first full-time job interview next week.  Conservative, stylish, creative?  What statement do I want to make?  I know the company’s culture is informal, so that makes it even harder to decide.  What do you recommend?  -AF

 A.  You’re right.  Guys have it easier, but many of them don’t get it right.  I’ve talked with several hiring managers who are amazed with how many young women and men show up for interviews in inappropriate, casual attire.  Even if the company at which you are interviewing is informal, you’ll never go wrong by dressing in a suit with conservative accessories. 

Bentley College provides basic tips for women’s interview attire, while eHow features a short video by fashion writer Rachel Youens who offers helpful interview wardrobe tips for women. 

Men wondering what to wear to an interview should read Bentley’s Dress for Success – Men tips. 

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