Insiders Have Job Search Advantage


You read the online job posting, send your resume and later learn that the job was filled with an internal candidate.  Sound familiar?  More than half of open jobs are being filled with internal employees, according to a new study by CareerXroads, a New Jersey-based staffing-strategy consultancy. 

Fortunately, the study is bullish on 2010 hiring, with 48% of companies predicting an increase in hiring, and only 10.8% forecasting further reductions.  Although a slight majority of companies hired from internal staffs, the study suggests that this unusually high rate will return to normal ranges in 2010 which is good news for people looking for jobs. 

CareerXroads says the most efficient way to hire someone or find a job:  Referrals, referrals, referrals. Referrals make up 26.7% of all external hires. Corporate plans for 2010 indicate a strong interest in leveraging referrals.  Many companies and agencies pay employees bonuses for recommending prospective employees who are eventually hired. 

This study underscores previous posts here suggesting that job seekers should use online job boards and job postings from companies and agencies, but then tap their own networks to find ways to become recommended for open positions.  As Julie Bauke said in her guest post, “Networking.  You’ve Got to Do It.” 

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