Social Media Skills Can Open Job Doors; Top 50 Gen Y Corporations

Online Gen Y career site Brazen Careerist this week published a list of the top 50 U.S. employers of Millennials.  I asked Brazen CEO Penelope Trunk to comment on how the list can be helpful in PR job searches at both agencies and corporations.

“The best way to understand how to win a big account for a PR agency is to actually be that big account for a while,” Penelope said.  “So this is a great list if you are looking for a job on the client side.”

This list also might be helpful for those seeking to use social media skills to skip entry-level jobs.  “The Fortune 500 has huge budgets for social media, but not a lot of people with the in-house skills to spend those budgets,” Penelope said.  “Get a foot in the door in the PR departments at one of these companies and you can expand your responsibilities quickly by becoming the in-house social media smarty pants.” 

Prepared by Brazen Careerist and online compensation firm Payscale, the Top 50 list provides an excellent new tool for assessing best places to work for young professionals.  In order to determine the top 50, Payscale began with 50,000 companies and narrowed them down to those that employ the most number of college graduate Millennials. 

The complete list, research methodology and direct links to career sites for the companies are available on the Brazen Careerist link above, but here are the top 10:


NBC Universal, Inc.


PepsiCo Inc.


Nestlé USA, Inc.


Google, Inc.


Citigroup, Inc.




Johnson & Johnson


Grant Thornton LLP


AECOM Corporation


Merrill Lynch & Co, Inc.

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