Raising Profile of One-Person PR Function


Q.  I am a new hire in a one-person PR function several levels removed from the C-suite.  How do I get the attention and respect of senior management, especially on issues that need PR input? -DB

A.  Doing your best work on routine assignments is the starting point.  Then find ways to win over individuals who will become advocates for your good work.  Identify managers in your organization who need PR help, but who may have been reluctant to ask since they assume you’re already fully occupied.  Positive word-of-mouth will raise your profile within the executive ranks. 

I also encourage individuals to volunteer for organizations in which senior executives are interested or involved.  No major fanfare is necessary since leaders of the nonprofits soon will learn about your involvement and they generally will mention you to the company executive.   An outside activity is personally rewarding as well as a valuable networking opportunity, both inside and outside the company.  

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