Growth Prospects for Health Care PR


While political leaders wrangle over health care issues, the health care industry — unlike others — continues to grow, even in the current bleak economy.  That’s good news for PR hopefuls interested in health care-related careers.

Many of the new jobs are in care-related positions, but PR positions also are being added throughout the industry: hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, clinics, insurance companies, nursing homes, nonprofit agencies and community health centers. 

Today’s New York Times underscores the dramatic growth in health care industry over the past nine years.  PRSA’s Health Academy has witnessed increased interest in both membership and programs.  Job opportunity growth surprises many since some agencies that mostly work with pharmaceutical companies have not enjoyed budget and staff increases due to the slow down of new drug approvals.   Nonetheless, I’ve recently heard from several practitioners who have landed jobs at hospital holding companies, insurance companies and agencies.  Truth is in the numbers.  The industry is growing faster than any other segment of the economy.

An overview of health care PR jobs is provided by the Health Careers Center. 

One thought on “Growth Prospects for Health Care PR

  1. It is comforting to know that there is an industry that is thriving in the current economy. With consumers cutting spending and budget cuts it seems that it would be hard for significant growth to happen. The health care industry always needs attention so I am glad that both industry and consumers have chosen to spend their energy wisely.

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