Lines Blur Between PR and Marketing


Suddenly, long-standing lines between PR and marketing have blurred.  That’s good news for talented young professionals pursuing careers in public relations. 

Rapid growth of the social media in the marketing mix is largely responsible for opening new opportunities in a world once reserved for individuals with marketing degrees.  PR Newswire just published an encouraging white paper that provides insights into the convergence of marketing and PR. 

Addressing the convergence, Al Gerritson, founding partner at 451 Marketing in Boston, says:  “The PR model hadn’t really changed in the past 100 years.  With the advent of social media and online video, things are changing rapidly.  Public relations needs to be in the middle of deciding what information to make public, what to keep private, and what’s appropriate in the world of social media.  That means getting educated on social media strategies, which is often the domain of marketing.”

The white paper’s bottom line:  “PR isn’t just about earned media anymore.  ROI-minded PR pros are picking up marketing tools and techniques, such as strategic placements, that speak directly to consumers and simultaneously serve the media’s need for solid information.  They are using multiple project components, like photo and video distribution.  In other words, PR practitioners are relying more on interactive messaging and less on traditional pick up.”

Clearly, the cost-effective nature of PR also is driving the rapid convergence into the marketing mix.  PR Newswire’s white paper is an excellent resource for individuals planning their agency careers. 

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