Stick With Current Job or Risk Change?


Q.  My company was just acquired by another company in the same business.  The acquirer doesn’t have our specific offering in its current lineup. Although I am comforted by that fact, my current position isn’t my ideal position. Is this a time to pursue new positions within the combined firm or should I make sure I market my current position to increase its relevancy and keep my job security? 

A.  You’re in an ideal position, unlike a lot of professionals who see their jobs go away after mergers and acquisitions.  Job moves within your current company are far more attractive and less risky than jumping ship to unknown entities. 

You should ask yourself four questions before deciding to stay put or seeking new opportunities within the combined company:

  1. Is my current boss a mentor and does he/she support my success within the organization?  It is important to diplomatically handle any in-company moves since you never know when supervisors and peers might re-enter your career.
  2. Am I promotable in my current job?  This question should be answered by your boss during your regular performance review.  Depending on the amount of time you’ve been in your current position, you also might be able to candidly discuss options with your supervisor.  However, this is risky if the organization is going through any sort of turmoil. 
  3. What’s the main reason I want to switch jobs?  You partially answered that already by noting that you’re not currently in your “ideal position.”  Be sure to determine what would be considered an ideal position, and whether a new opportunity might move you closer to your ultimate goal.
  4. Am I postponing the inevitable?  Some people have second thoughts about career choices, and simply need to consider other possibilities.  Doing so from the security of an existing job, however, is critically important at this point in time. 

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