Strategic Plan for Landing a Job

  Kristina Allen 

I was hired for my first post-graduation job five days before I graduated. I have a B.A. in public communication and work as a website admin & social media strategist.

 I’m often asked how I landed a job so quickly, and I’m inclined to say sheer luck, but honestly it was more like 70% planning, 10% networking, and 10% luck.  Here’s the plan I created for myself:

Two years before graduation:

  • Obtain internship(s) for real-world training
  • Find a mentor to learn from and to network with (A good mentor will be able to introduce you to many other influential people)

Two semesters before graduation:

  • Post resume on major recruiting sites
  • Monitor which companies are hiring most often
  • Research top 10 companies to work for in the area
      -Upload resume to their sites 

Two months before graduation:

  • Start applying to every job you see that fits with your skill set
  • Reach out to your mentor or anyone else in your network to see if they know of any jobs you might be a fit for

My advice for those out there searching the job market: make as many connections as possible and keep fighting the good fight.  Don’t let your resume go stale just because you’re out of work. You can volunteer, intern, and/or freelance.

You should do whatever it takes to keep building your skill set. I was fully prepared to do all of the above, and in fact I am still doing all of the above. In addition to my job, I intern with Come Recommended and freelance when I have time. One should never stop learning or adding skills to their resume because these are truly the keys to landing a good career.

3 thoughts on “Strategic Plan for Landing a Job

  1. Hi Kristina,

    Thank´s for the tips.
    I have a question though: how did you choose your mentor?
    I am asking because I would like to do that, but in a foreign country were I moved last year.
    I would like to continue my work in PR and communication in Madrid – Spain, but as I don´t have connection in the field it is a little difficult.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Corina,

    I have two mentors, one that I was placed with in a formal mentorship during my undergraduate internship, and another that I met through Twitter.

    The great thing about social networks, is that they connect you with people all over the world.

    As I understand, you would like to work in PR in Spain, but don’t have a connection there currently. My advice is to research some of the top PR professionals in Madrid, and to search for them on Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog platforms. Once you find one or two that you particularly like– connect with them by commenting on the information they publicly display such as blog content or tweets.

    After you’ve established a presence on their radar, you can e-mail them and ask if they would have time to answer some questions you have or to be your mentor. Be sure to say that he or she can answer your questions at his/her convenience as you understand he/she has a busy schedule.

    Good luck and feel free to connect with me on Twitter: or read my blog to stay in touch.

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