Overcoming HR Hurdle in Job Search

Record numbers of resumes pour in for job openings at agencies and corporations, so any job search must include an action plan for leaping over the maze of hurdles that often begin with human resources. 

A friend at a national restaurant chain told me he received more than 700 resumes for an internal communications manager position, while our own HR department recently received 491 resumes for an entry-level account coordinator position.  Human resources teams are swamped, and most HR functions have been downsized like other parts of business organizations.  This requires job applicants to help HR recruiters do their jobs. 

Phyllis Korkki’s New York Times article yesterday provides many valuable insights on how to clear HR hurdles. 

Ideally, a prospective candidate should find someone within the hiring organization who can put in a good word and keep your name top of mind–basic networking.  Another key point:  Don’t apply for a job for which you are over or under qualified.  You’re wasting everyones’ time, unless you’re over qualified yet willing to take a significant pay cut.  Among other important advice: Never lie on a resume. 

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