Advice from Sports PR Pro Kevin Donnellon

Like other PR veterans, Kevin Donnellon majored in journalism and thought he’d become a reporter.  When he graduated from Ohio State, a scarcity of media jobs led him into PR.  

For most of his career Kevin has been the creative genius behind a wide array of innovative sports PR programs–both as a corporate employee and for his own agencies.  Kevin now owns Macali Communications, a marketing and public relations firm that specializes in the golf industry. 

Read more about Kevin in his just-posted Career Capsule.  Not only does the Career Capsule detail the progression of his sports-focused career, but Kevin also provides the following six pieces of advice for anyone pursuing a career in public relations. 

   Kevin Donnellon

  1. Learn the business of your clients and how you can help them grow it.
  2. Step outside your comfort zone and take on a project bigger than you, you will grow.
  3. Read everything and anything related to making you a better business person in mainstream media (Wall Street Journal, Economist, Fast Company) and blogs (Chris Brogan, David Meerman Scott, Paul Gillin, etc.)
  4. Pursue your passion and your purpose. My passion was golf and my purpose is helping company’s grow their revenue, reputation and relationships. Do the latter two and the former will follow.
  5. Be a good writer, analyst and student. Learning starts when you leave school.
  6. Pick one thing (think Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan) to improve on every year.

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