Job Switching Tips: Not Just for the Money


Q.  I’m very happy with my current job, but I got a call from another agency and decided to check it out.  I wasn’t really serious about switching jobs but I got an offer the same day as my interview.  The raise is the main plus about the new job which essentially is the same sort of work.  I seriously doubt if my current agency can match the 20% increase.  What do I need to consider as I make the decision to probably take the offer since I need the money?  -SL

A.  Sounds like the new agency has an immediate need for someone with your experience, which explains the swift offer and hefty increase.  But I detect some doubts in your mind about leaving your current agency.  If the offer is firm, I recommend discussing the situation with your current supervisor.  You’re right, most agencies cannot match salaries but some make adjustments to keep key talent. 

Leaving a good job today for the uncertainty of another is an important decision that needs to be made for the right reasons, not just salary.  I’ve switched jobs several times over my career and have done so for several reasons, but salary was always a secondary consideration.  In fact, at least one job change netted a slight salary decrease but it was the right job for me at that point in time.  Make sure you’re ready to jump before doing so.  Ask yourself if you are still learning where you are, and will the new job provide career growth experiences?  Are you promotable where you are currently?  Is the new job a clear promotion or lateral with simply more money?  Do you like the people in your current agency and do they care about you and your career? 

Since your decision appears to hinge on financial matters, be sure to weigh all aspects of the new offer–not just the above normal increase.  Check out 10 personal financial tips from and the great check list from personal fiance blogger Clever Dude, Secrets of Switching Jobs: Deconstructing the Job Offer

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