Jobless? Don’t Try This Approach

A 27-year-old graduate of Monroe College in New York is suing her alma mater for the $70,000 tuition she spent in earning a bachelor’s degree because she can’t find a job. 

According to today’s New York Post, Trina Thompson’s suit contends she has not been able to find a job since she got her information technology degree in April.  Thompson says the school’s Office of Career Advancement hasn’t provided her with the leads and career advice it promises.  Monroe College spokesman Gary Axelbank properly says the lawsuit is completely without merit.  

As frustrating as the job environment is currently, this ranks as one incredibly stupid act that will net Ms. Thompson a lot of publicity, but make every future employer gun-shy about hiring her. 

4 thoughts on “Jobless? Don’t Try This Approach

  1. It appears as though Ms. Thompson did nothing but shoot herself in her good foot (the other one is lazy and is obviously falling asleep). This story speaks perfectly to Gen Y’s sense of entitlement. Being part of that generation, though, please don’t think that all of us are like this!

  2. In fairness, being unemployed for a long time can be really stressful, and this girl had no idea how to handle the pressure.

    What she’s done was really unwise, because the ensuing publicity will do her more harm than good. I wouldn’t blame the whole generation straight away, though. This is just one of the few, and you know that media love sensations and oddities.

  3. Yes, this defies logic. The first thing an employer will do is put her name into Google. And I doubt that there are many graduate jobs available for people who sue at the drop of a hat.

    The only thing the college owed her was an education. Nothing more than that.

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