Surviving Group Job Interviews


A stressed out friend called yesterday for advice on how to prepare for a series of group interviews next week with a prospective employer.  He faces three separate group interviews with three to six people in each one-hour session. 

I probably am not the right person to ask since the only group interview (also sometimes referred to as “panel interview’) that I was subjected to many years ago resulted in my not getting the job. 

My basic counsel — do your research, relax, look everyone in the eye and don’t simply focus on the nicest-seeming person in the room — was augmented by a timely tweet from The Campus Buzz that called my attention to an informative post,  How To Shine During a Panel Style Interview from a site called Job Search Secrets.  The post elaborates on each of the following key points. 

  • Skip the fluff
  • Spread the love
  • Take notes
  • Investigate (research) the company
  • Take your time
  • Focus your own questions
  • Pay attention to interaction
  • Thank them individually

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