Tough Choices: Agency or Corporate Offer?


Q.  My grandmother used to say “when it rains, it pours.”  After a 7-month drought on the job front, I have received two job offers–both entry-level positions.  One is with a top global agency and the other at a small company here in my hometown.  The corporate position is the only PR job in the firm, so I’d be doing all sorts of marketing and PR projects.  What would you do?  -TL

A.  First of all, congratulations on the rare fete of landing two job offers.  Without knowing specific details, I would lean towards the agency job.  One-person corporate PR functions can be lonely and frustrating for individuals just beginning their careers.  In an agency, you will receive valuable training and coaching that rarely exists when you’re the only PR person within a company.  Plus, a move to a larger market provides other personal development experiences that are essential for this stage of your life and career. 

By the way, your grandmother was quoting from the tag-line that effectively branded Morton Salt, hence the artwork above. 

2 thoughts on “Tough Choices: Agency or Corporate Offer?

  1. You’d learn so much in an agency and it will be different every day. There will be people around your age as well as plenty of mentors. I would take the agency job. Congrats on both!

  2. As someone who does PR solo at a medium size professional service firm, go to the agency! You will learn so much more, and meet so many more colleagues for your future career.

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