Do Online Job Services Keep a Secret?

Q.  I have been in my job for more than two years, and want to make sure I’m keeping my options open for other opportunities.  I see interesting-sounding job postings from, and other online services, but am worried that my resume might end up on the desk of my boss.  Can I trust these services?  -BR

 A.  Before putting your resume online, be sure to scan the Privacy Clearing House’s tips for online users of resume services.  Some sites allow you to mask your name and contact information so you can better control the process.  My advice:  Stick with job sites that mention specific opportunities.  Better yet, focus your search on established recruiters and job ads that identify specific opportunities.  Never pay a third-party for the “benefit” of using a job-posting service. 

Rather than rely on online services, PR executive recruiter Bill Heyman feels you should be able to do enough research on a job opening to find someone at the company who can make a personal introduction.  Bill says: “While this might seem unrealistic, doesn’t the ‘six degrees of separation’ notion make a whole lot more sense than putting yourself into a situation where you are uncertain about compromising your confidentiality?”  However, Bill recommends never responding if it is a totally blind ad and you’re nervous about disclosure.

Importantly, Bill says if the opportunity would be a promotion within your organization, your “internal” networking should tell you whether you’re going to be considered.  If you are not being considered, and are uncomfortable finding out why, it’s probably time to leave the company.

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