5 Tips if You Still Have a Job

Since I’m always on the outlook for job search information to share via Culpwrit, the cover of the current issue of Fortune magazine caught my eye:  How To Find A Job.  But the sidebar on page 53 of the print edition reminded me that even those with jobs should have a game plan.  Here’s what Fortune recommends if you’re currently employed:

1.  Update your resume–and your network.  Look back on your work experience and think about the story you can tell about your career.  Get in touch with old colleagues and see what they’re up to.

2.  Help recruiters find you.  If you haven’t already, create profiles on LinkedIn and ZoomInfo.  Of the thousands of job sites, these are the two that recruiters say they actually use to find candidates.

3.  Get to know headhunters now.  Form relationships while you’re still employed.  Meet face-to-face.  Send great candidates from your network their way. They’ll be much more inclined to help you later on.

4.  Collect your thoughts.  Think WiMax is doomed?  Have a plan to save print?  Put your point of view about your industry in writing.  If you need it, you’ll have something to show employers.

5.  Help others.  Reading other people’s resumes and cover letters will give you ideas on how to position yourself.  Plus, you never know when you might need a favor in return.

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