Personalizing the Business Card Ritual

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While attending the Executives’ Club luncheon in Chicago yesterday, I sat next to Gwen Cohen, a First Vice President at Morgan Stanley.  For the first time in my professional career, I ran out of business cards as she handed me hers.  I told her that I would send my contact information via email, and then told her about a guest post on my blog by Gary McCormick who prefers individual follow up via letter or email rather than a business card. 

Gwen gave me a tip worth sharing with Culpwrit readers:  Write a note on the back of your business card that will allow the receiver to recall where he/she met you.  And perhaps add a memory-jogger note.  In her case, she met someone who also was left-handed, so she wrote:  “Fellow lefty.”  During her follow up, the person immediately recalled meeting her. 

One thought on “Personalizing the Business Card Ritual

  1. Great tip! I’ve always wondered how somebody receiving 30 business cards in one day would remember who was who.

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