Wide Variety of Agency Jobs

Q.  What are some alternative careers at a PR agency.  For example, web production, design, etc.?   –MS

A.  Great question since most people only focus on account-specific openings.  Here’s a list of other agency jobs:


– graphic design

– Web design

– A/V production

– print production

– meeting facilitation

Business Development

– marketing

– outreach (cold calling/networking)

– pitching


Event planning/coordination

Social media – blogging– disruptive media

– community development


– office management

– finance

– IT

Internal/External communications

– employee communications

– media relations

– Website management

The largest number of positions remain on the account side, but often a quarter of an agency’s positions are in these other areas–and some are growing rapidly.  While in college, you might take an elective course that would allow you to be considered for some of these other opportunities.  If you’ve already graduated, you can consider a continuing education program that builds on your specific interest.  My advice:  Focus on anything digital. 

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