The Job of Finding a Job

Mary Ellen Podmolik wrote a helpful job-search article in today’s Chicago Tribune that is must reading for anyone seeking employment.  There will be fewer PR job openings this year so it is unlikely that all of the nearly 8,000 new PR grads will be able to land in the profession.  That makes Mary Ellen’s advice to consider jobs outside your field even more important.   Remember, it’s always easier to look for just-the-right job from a job. 

The following five tips for a job hunt apply to anyone seeking employment: 

1. Make finding a job your new job.
2. Tell everybody you’re job hunting.
3. Search online but also press the flesh.
4. Consider jobs outside your field.
5.  During phone interviews, stand up to project more energy.

One thought on “The Job of Finding a Job

  1. As a senior with three internships and many extra-curricular acttivities, I almost assumed that I would have no trouble finding a job, I was wrong.

    After graduation and being jobless I threw myself into the fray of the job hunt. Days, nights, weekends, every spare moment I had, I am wading through job postings on all types of employment and corporate sites.

    I am a very persistent and driven person. So much so that I was so focused on finding my dream job that I forgot Ms. Podmolik’s very valuable advice. It is indeed much easier to find the right job while you already have a job.

    Take it from me my fellow recent grads. Keep pushing, keep trying but don’t get so swallowed up by the perfect job hunt that you miss a job that may help you get your foot in the door from a lower level than you’d expected.

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