First Days on the Job

Q.  After three internships (two during college and one after graduation) and lots of networking, I finally landed my first full-time PR job.  Any tips on what I should do to ensure success when I start to work next week?  -BG

A.  Show up early and be willing to stay late.  Remain visible, but don’t impose on busy supervisors and co-workers.  They are trying to do their jobs while on boarding you, which usually means the first few days are slow for you.  Seek out work from peers and others who look busy.  Don’t worry, you’ll be inundated soon enough.  Even when you eventually feel buried, be sure to give your boss regular, brief updates on progress of your assignments.  Finally, drop in at the end of the day and ask if there is anything you can do to help.  But don’t over stay your welcome since he/she likely wants to get home soon.  Good luck and have fun.


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