Masters vs. Journalism Diploma?

Q.  I’m thinking about doing a masters in communications.  Some people say getting a graduate diploma in journalism would be better than a masters for my desire to work at an agency or nonprofit organization. What do you think?  -JG

A.  A masters in PR/communications will carry more weight, especially in the corporate and agency world.  The one-year J-diploma is only the better choice if you plan a media career so I’d advocate for the masters in communications if you want to pursue an advanced degree.  However, solid experience still trumps either of these options at most agencies and many companies.  

One thought on “Masters vs. Journalism Diploma?

  1. Experience always wins out over a piece of paper – but please, PLEASE whatever you do and whatever discipline you follow… Know how to write well. I am constantly amazed (and disappointed) at the number of new professionals entering this business who can’t write clearly and concisely. It’s the basic “block and tackle” of our game.

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