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Chairman Emeritus and former CEO,  Ketchum

The Arthur W. Page Society, an influential organization made up of several hundred of the senior most PR professionals in the world, named David Drobis to its Hall of Fame this week.   This is appropriate recognition for David’s lifelong career and dedication to public relations. 

I have known David for many years, but I learned a lot more about him and his career by reading his thoughtful acceptance speech.  I recommend it as must-reading for anyone pursuing a career in public relations.  

Like many of us, David initially thought he’d pursue some other profession.  In his case, it was psychology.  However, upon reviewing results of a test that determined David’s strengths and interests, a wise psych professor and adviser suggested he should pursue areas he had never previously considered–journalism and PR.  The rest is history.   

Like an important book, I can’t do justice by offering a CliffsNotes version of David’s speech.  Please take a few minutes to read it yourself.  It will inspire anyone considering a future in public relations.  And it brilliantly reminds the rest of us about the things that matter most as our careers develop and wind down. 

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