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I have known Bob Kornecki for more than 20 years, and relied on his counsel when he worked for Edelman and Burson-Marsteller.  He’s now sharing his PR wisdom in the classroom and via a must-read book for all people pursuing careers in this profession–How to Thrive in the Public Relations Business.  Bob’s 35 practical tips in this book will save you a lot of time in figuring out how to succeed in this great profession.   I asked Bob to provide three top-of-mind recommendations for individuals seeking PR careers, and here are his insightful suggestions.    -Ron

         PR Veteran Bob Kornecki

 Since last summer, I’ve had roughly 100 students in PR and organizational communication classes at Loyola University Chicago and Northern Illinois University. In addition to espousing the practical success tips offered in my book, I’d freely offer students seriously interested in a career in public relations the following advice:

1.  Do some serious soul-searching about the kind of industry and public relations experience that you think you will find particularly gratifying, and start developing a deeper knowledge base now that will help differentiate you during the interviewing process. Then pursue associated internships and job opportunities with a vengeance, not with the typical “hope and wish” that you’ll be able to land a job – any job – to gain practical experience.2.  When you have an opportunity to interact with professionals who have “been there and done that,” don’t be shy. Be bold enough to ask questions, question assertions and assert some individual authority. Professionals are taking time out of their business schedules not only to share their experiences and expertise but to listen and learn from the next generation of practitioners. Take full advantage of their time and talent. You actually might impress them enough to earn consideration for a job interview.3.  Prove that you are as Internet-savvy as you would have the “old guard” believe. Demonstrate your knowledge and strategic use of new digital media in all that you do, whether it’s for a classroom homework assignment or in developing ideas for a client presentation. The future of public relations is undergoing some radical shifts. There’s no time like the present to step up to the challenge and lead the industry on a path toward continuous growth and innovation.

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