Pay vs. Passion

While attending the PRSA International Conference in Philadelphia last Fall, I met the future, and I was impressed. Betsy Plank talked me into participating on a panel comprised of veteran PR leaders who addressed the student arm of PRSA–PRSSA. Several hundred students showed up for the early Sunday morning session–all in interview-ready attire. Impressive sight. They asked insightful questions, which provided the inspiration for me to finally start this blog. Each of their questions and yours will provide the foundation for this blog. For instance, one Howard University student asked if a graduating senior should accept an excellent paying job in PR or pursue her passion.

The first job after graduation is the best time to pursue one’s passion. Taking a job that pays well, but doesn’t turn you on isn’t the way to start a career in public relations. To excel in a PR career, each job has to build on the last. A positive experience doing something you enjoy creates vibes that are noticed by others, including future employers. By following your passion, you likely will love what you do for the rest of your life.

2 thoughts on “Pay vs. Passion

  1. I completely agree – passion over pay! I graduated in May ’07 and took the highest paying job I was offered in a new city. Although the mundane misery of my 8 – 5 desk job paved the way toward a graduate degree, I would have bypassed a lot of agony had I taken the exciting assistantship I was offered with a local media group.

  2. Most of my pals have always preferred a better pay package over something that thrills them; hence, they have landed up with the dullest jobs that (perhaps) pay them well. However, I refused to tread the beaten path and chose advertising as my option. And, thank God, how relieved I am! I got better opportunities, contacts and the excitement to do something new. Now, I am a freelance writer and the opportunity to explore the world on my own (plus get paid for it) is what keeps me going everyday…

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